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Environmental Solution Company
INOAC Housing & Construction Materials Co., Ltd.

Time is constantly changing.
A surprising technology last year becomes a common knowledge this year.
With such time, we would like to deliver new impression with innovative ideas and
frontier spirit, not captured by conventional concepts and common sense.
What we are aiming for is an unknown environmental solution.
We will try to contribute to society and the global environment from a future perspective
such as "eco friendly, safety and energy saving".


Creating a dream tomorrow

We will meet requests from our customers and create a good living environment, doing a wide range of development for future.
We will actively introduce new technologies and develop new fields, encouraging the creation of a trend toward the future.


Expanding the market

We support making various living environment such as residential products, factories, buildings, facilities, and infrastructure industries.
We will create a rich and comfortable lifestyle proposing not only a single product but as a system supplier, by using it widely and extensirely.


Increasing productivity

We have enhanced production facilities and production environments to meet customer's expectations.
Our production can meet various needs from its own brand products to OEM products.


Responding with reliable know-how

We produce state-of-the-art products, based on material technology and processing technology cultivated over many years.
We are actively working on adopting environmentally friendly technologies and overseas technologies.


Delivering relief and safety

We have adopted TPS and structured top quality control and product management system.
With "quality first" in mind, we will provide products that are trusted by customers.