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We continue to challenge new possibilities to provide safe and
comfortable living environment to people all over the world, taking
advantage of our unique strengths.

Our strength is product development from materials,
flexible proposal not only products but including engineering,
and having production line globally, using our capability to produce only one product.

Product development from materials

We are developing products specialized in residential area.
We have many specialists in each field and thus, we can develop as a system by cooperating with each other.
We can propose material and product development with a wide range of knowledge by utilizing our professional careers.

Proposal for both products & engineering

We can support our customers from the industrial space to the living space, aiming a space where people can spend comfortably.
You can expect our quick response because we can manage everything by our own business.

◆Product manufacturing (raw material / product manufacturing)
◆Construction design (drawing, structural / stable calculation)
◆Construction work (by ourselves)

Development capabilities to produce only one product

With a history of more than half century, we have been developing many products which can be met with various needs based on our accumulated knowledge.
we acquired a lot of domestic and foreign patents.
Developing only one product is one of our strengths.

Global structure

We have production lines in Asia including Japan and our products are delivered to customers all over the world, mainly in EU, and USA.
Overseas products include products that can not be produced in Japan and are developing a wide variety of products in along with the needs of customers.